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"Welcome to a Front Row Seat at Nature's Theater!"

Unplug and relax at this Mississippi Getaway | Walshtown Cabin

Featuring Concerts Nightly by "The Crickets, Frogs & Owls"...

Walshtown Retreat/Cabin (WR/C) is a remote cabin in a quiet, tranquil, serene setting on a lake nestled in the beautiful hills of northern Mississippi. This is a place where you can truly find a deep peace for the soul and body.

Come and indulge yourself in a secluded area for doing a lot of nothing but resting and relaxing. The variety of hardwood forests is endless, with spring and summer wildflowers, a blazing fall panorama, and new vistas in winter, falling of the leaves and often framed with gentle snowfall.

Enjoy the breathtaking scenery while sipping morning coffee, take an early morning walk and explore the natural surrounding beauty, or catch up on your fishing (boat and cane poles provided). Take pictures against the background of a postcard countryside. Your day can be as relaxing or as busy as you please.

Just grab your favorite pajamas, pick up some groceries, and move right in to our well-stocked, spacious quarters. We furnish all linens, kitchen utensils, dishes, spices and flatware. WR/C comes with a barbecue grill for your outdoor grilling.

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